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Zero Knowledge Token Transfer Service: A Tech Overview

This blog describes our new marketplace offering, the Zero Knowledge Token Transfer Service. The new service leverages Zero Knowledge Proofs… Read More

New Zero Knowledge Proof Services Provide Complete Transaction Privacy

A common challenge faced by enterprise blockchain networks is how to protect private information from being shared on… Read More

All customers will soon be on Kaleido’s latest generation infrastructure

Earlier this year Kaleido became the world’s only managed blockchain platform to support multi-region, multi-cloud, borderless blockchain networks. This meant… Read More

Blockchain Business Use Cases By Industry

In recent years, Kaleido has seen and empowered organizations across many industries to explore and implement blockchain to solve a… Read More

Using Rotating Signers to Scale IBFT Consensus Algorithm

Enterprise blockchains are diverse, and can be built using a number of different technologies and protocols.  Consensus algorithms… Read More

Top 7 Ways to Make Your Blockchain Consortia Work

Enterprise blockchain promises to digitally disrupt the business-to-business (B2B) and back office processes of virtually every industry by… Read More

See What’s Under the Hood: Kaleido Full-Stack Blockchain

A year ago we launched Kaleido with a goal to make blockchain adoption easy for enterprise. We’ve had an exciting… Read More

What Happens When Tokens Meet the Enterprise? Live from the Main Stage at Consensus 2019

One year after Kaleido was founded, Kaleido was proud to unveil a new enterprise tech stack to empower business networks,… Read More

New Enterprise Tech Stack to Power Modern Business Networks, Backed by Asset Tokenization and Hybrid Deployments

Launched in collaboration with industry-leading organizations who are digitally transforming their aging and siloed business processes, Kaleido’s new… Read More

Kaleido Onboards New Partners to Simplify and Speed Enterprise Blockchains

Kaleido advances the development and adoption of enterprise blockchain technology by expanding enterprise ethereum services and partnerships Taking blockchain solutions… Read More