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[PODCAST] KaleidoCast – Ep. 1 – Kaleido Launches at Consensus 2018

Welcome to the KaleidoCast, where enterprise blockchain experts converge to #HashItOut

Episode 1

In the inaugural episode, we head back to Consensus 2018 as a throwback to Kaleido’s origin story.

Kaleido launched in May 2018 as a a click-button simple way to build, operate and manage private blockchains for enterprises. As a spoke of ConsenSys, the blockchain venture studio supporting projects within the Ethereum ecosystem, Kaleido quickly became the #1 trusted Blockchain-as-a-Service in the market.

Blockchain and Industry Leaders Featured in this Episode:

– Steve Cerveny (Kaleido Founder & CEO)

– Justo Ortiz (UnionBank’s CEO and chairman of the board)

– Josh Hoffman (General Manager, Global Lead AWS Partner Ecosystem)

Podcast highlights:

00:00 – Podcast Intro

00:18 – Introducing Kaleido: Steve Cerveny

1:30 Why building blockchains can be difficult and how to overcome common obstacles: The technology learning curve, the shared IT challenge, and marrying new technologies and processes with legacy systems at scale, and securely.

11:28 – Project i2i case study from Justo Ortiz:  solving the financial inclusion dilemma

18:50 – AWS Partnership Announcement: Josh Hoffman (General Manager, Global Lead AWS Partner Ecosystem)


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