Partnering with Kaleido

The Kaleido Partner Program provides opportunities to build and accelerate your blockchain-based businesses.

Let’s work together to create beautiful outcomes.

Go to market through Kaleido

As a marketplace partner, certify your software solution to be integrated with or hosted on the Kaleido platform.

Being featured on the Kaleido Marketplace creates an instant channel to bring our blockchain solution to a global audience and immediate access for new clients. Aaron Wright
Founder | OpenLaw

Embed Kaleido in your solution

As an embed partner, decentralize your solution with Kaleido’s complete API experience.

By embedding Kaleido, we supercharged our solution with the most proven blockchain platform in the market. We’re leveraging the power of blockchain without additional infrastructure through Kaleido’s simple and secure API. Jonas Hudson
Co-Founder | Greenfence

Empower your clients with Kaleido

As a consulting partner, accelerate client engagements with the most proven enterprise blockchain platform.

Building our clients’ projects on Kaleido’s full-stack solution has eliminated 80% of the custom code in a typical blockchain engagement, allowing us to focus more effort on creating unique business value. Christina Gallano
Technical Project Manager | Consensys Solutions

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