Blockchain, meet SaaS for enterprise

Introducing the Blockchain Business Cloud.

Meet Kaleido.

An all-in-one enterprise SaaS platform that radically simplifies the creation and operation of private blockchain networks

The Kaleido Promise

Distributed Trust Systems

Blockchain is ushering in a new era of enhanced trust by offering a better way to connect and transact with greater transparency, security and efficiency.

Made Radically Simple

Enterprise blockchain has proven difficult and costly to use in real world scenarios. Kaleido’s simplicity changes the economic equation of business scale blockchain networks.

For Enterprise

Kaleido is designed for the new world of shared IT and built to rigorous standards. It combines new technology and multi-party processes with classic business requirements.

Blockchain Business Cloud

  • Instant Networks

    Go from concept to consortium in a matter of minutes with a blockchain platform that takes you well beyond other options that are little more than scripts and templates.

    Kaleido is an all-in-one cloud SaaS designed to accelerate the consortium’s entire journey from experimentation and PoCs to pilots and production. Build and manage private blockchain networks without the technical complexity of starting from scratch and spending months and millions writing custom code.

  • Enterprise Cloud

    Build your blockchain on a cloud platform whose entire DNA is engineered for enterprise rigor and compliance.

    While distributed networks are a natural fit for public cloud, only Kaleido brings together enterprise qualities of service and SaaS simplicity. Kaleido delivers the resiliency, performance, security and cloud scale enterprises need. As AWS’s first Blockchain Advanced Tier Technology Partner, Kaleido is the first and only blockchain SaaS in the AWS Marketplace. Kaleido integrates with native AWS services speeding up integration of blockchain projects.

  • Shared IT

    Onboard new members and govern your consortium with ease. In a blockchain, common business logic and shared ledger data require collaborative management.

    Welcome to the new world of Shared IT where distributed networks aren’t truly distributed unless multiple parties can share all aspects of ownership: to build, govern, operate and grow the network together. Kaleido was built from scratch with Shared IT in mind and makes collective governance and onboarding new members easy.

  • Integrated Analytics

    Gain new insights with real-time visibility into the transaction history and operations of your blockchain network.

    With Kaleido Scope™, an integrated block explorer providing rich insights, you can quickly view detailed information relating to transactions on the Ledger and Smart Contracts. Scope works with Enterprise Ethereum to securely reveal details about your private transactions for added assurity.

  • Ethereum Innovations

    Tap into the richest blockchain ecosystem and anchor your private chain to the mainnet.

    Kaleido is built by the blockchain experts at ConsenSys and is the first platform that offers a choice of protocol options and consensus mechanisms. Take your private chain to the next level: prevent collusion scenarios with a State Relay to the Ethereum Mainnet, shut down compromised environments with an intelligent Arbitrator Sentry, launch token-based Dapps using a Network Wallet, and more.

    Read the whitepaper.

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We are partnering with industry leaders to accelerate enterprise adoption of blockchain technology

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“ConsenSys and AWS coming together to deliver a next generation Enterprise Ethereum service is a game-changer”

Ron Resnick

Executive Director, Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

Kaleido Clients

  • "With Kaleido, we have found both a proven platform and partner to accompany us on our journey to help deliver and accelerate blockchain based data sovereignty and permissioned exchange scenarios that will lead to faster diabetes medical discoveries and dramatically improve the public health of the Chinese population."

    Lifeng Tian Ph.D and CEO of Caifeng Gene
  • "Our team was inspired to harness blockchain in order to reach farther into our rural communities of the Philippines. Many people are still financially excluded and we’re looking to change that. In partnership with ConsenSys and running on the Kaleido platform, we successfully accelerated Project i2i into active pilot without the complexity and cost of starting from scratch."

    Justo Aboitiz Ortiz Chairman of the Board and CEO for UnionBank of the Philippines, Philippines Payment Management Inc, & Blockchain Association of the Philippines

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