The Blockchain Business Cloud

A borderless SaaS platform for building and running collaborative business networks.

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Build Borderless Blockchains

Only Kaleido provides a SaaS that natively takes your business network cross-cloud and multi-region.

Cross-Cloud: One Chain, Many Clouds

Kaleido’s platform offers a simple experience to build and manage blockchains running across Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

Multi-Region: Start Anywhere, Grow Anywhere

Start your consortium in any available cloud region and enable members to join from their geography of choice.

Go Beyond the Chain with Kaleido Marketplace

The only blockchain cloud that provides a full-stack of plug and play blockchain-first tools and capabilities for building complete solutions.

Kaleido Services

Turn on popular blockchain-first services like HD wallets, ID registries, eth-connect, Ethereum mainnet tether and more.

Cloud Configuration Services

Tap into ready-made configuration options with Microsoft and AWS services like key management, backups, private networking and more.

3rd Party Integrations

Enhance your solutions with trusted partner integrations like smart contract oracles and industry accelerators.

Master Shared IT

Tackle onboarding and governance within a distributed, cross-cloud network where everyone has some control but no one is in complete control.

Simplify Member Onboarding

Onboarding and scaling are built-in and instantaneous with automated tools and workflows so you can grow the network with cross-cloud flexibility.

Tackle Multi-Party Governance

Distribute network ownership across multiple parties or act as a single proxy operator with tools and policies to govern member participation and stewardship of the network.

Build Networks Instantly

Create and customize your enterprise blockchain networks in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost.

Click and Go Networks

Create private chains without the cost and complexity of building from scratch. Start small and rapidly move into production.

Configure Your Way

Choose from popular cloud properties, geographic regions, protocols, consensus mechanisms and more, all at the click of a button.

Keep Your Eyes on the APIs

Embed Kaleido’s full feature API to accelerate development and deployment and take your solution to the next level.


Designed with ‘enterprise’ in its DNA to meet the most rigorous requirements for scalable, production ready networks.

Security and Compliance Built-in

Protect your permissioned chains and ensure the security of your on-chain data and apps using Kaleido’s authentication tokens, firewalls, and end-to-end encryption capabilities.

Enterprise Quality Comes Standard

Build enterprise ready networks on the most proven platform with world-class resiliency, performance, secure network isolation, and dedicated 24×7 support that your solution demands.

Your business network is diverse. Your options should be too.

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