From Concept to Consortium

Kaleido accelerates the consortium’s entire blockchain journey from PoCs to pilots and production.

Blockchain Tech Made Easy

Do blockchain your way with simplified private chain creation

  • Multi-protocol options: currently Ethereum protocol packages Geth, Quorum are available
  • Consensus mechanism options: RAFT, IBFT, POA
  • Private transactions between discrete members of the consortium network

Mainnet relay for public blockchain level security

  • State Relay: Integrated state relay
  • Trust Anchor: automatically anchor private chain transactions to Ethereum mainnet or testnets
  • Sentry Protect: detect and shut down bad actors in your private chain

Shared IT Governance and Insights

Truly distributed ownership empowers multiple parties to manage the network together.

  • Consortium Charter: establish agreement on purpose, membership and policies between organizations
  • Onboarding: expand your network with simple organizational Member Onboarding
  • Ownership Models: Distribute ownership of the network across multiple parties or use a single Proxy Operator
  • Governance: Integrated tooling designed for collective governance of the network

Gain analytic insights into network and transaction activity

  • Block Explorer 2.0: Integrated rich feature block explorer

Enterprise Grade

Run securely and autoscale elastically with hardened features

  • Multi-environment: quickly setup multiple isolated environments for your business network for e.g. Test, Pre-prod and Prod
  • High Availability: automatically load balanced across three availability zones
  • Secure: hardened topology, firewall and proxy ingress, app credentials and api keys
  • Dedicated: each network gets its own private subnet and dedicated storage

Seamlessly integrate with your existing systems and cloud estate

  • Comprehensive APIs for scripted management and custom monitoring
  • AWS Account link: link your AWS account, setup private network links