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The leading cloud platform for building and running enterprise blockchain solutions.

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Build a Blockchain Network in Minutes

Create and operate enterprise blockchain networks in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost. Kaleido takes the prerequisite of deep blockchain expertise out of users’ hands and provides services that are easy to use and also extremely innovative, so you can speed delivery and improve ROI.

Configure Blockchain Your Way

Customize your environment with a choice of popular Ethereum protocol options and consensus mechanisms ranging from throughput optimized to Byzantine, trust-less and more. Choose with the click of a button.

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Keep Your Eyes on the APIs

Kaleido’s full feature API accelerates blockchain adoption with ease of development and deployment. Fully embed Kaleido to take your solution to the next level.

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Anchor Private Chains to the Ethereum Mainnet

Leverage the Mainnet tether option to prevent collusion scenarios and historical rewrites of your private blockchain ledger by periodically anchoring its state to the public Ethereum network for improved immutability.

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Master the Shared IT Paradigm

Tackle governance and onboarding within a distributed network, a new reality where everyone has some control but no one is in complete control. Kaleido has the policies and tools to help make that easy.

Simplify Member Onboarding

Onboarding can be expensive and time consuming, limiting the ability to grow and scale the network. With Kaleido, onboarding and scaling are built-in and instantaneous so you can grow your consortium with complete trust and transparency.

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Tackle Shared IT Governance

Distribute ownership of the network across multiple parties or act as a single proxy operator. Flexible shared IT policies define and govern the participation level of new members.

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Bring Your Whole Business Network Forward

Bring your diverse ecosystem to the blockchain. Only Kaleido has flexible plans and configurations designed to work together so you can include everyone in your business network with the right economic equation.

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Go Beyond the Chain with Kaleido Marketplace

Build a complete solution faster with leading edge accelerators and proven patterns of deployment. Harness the only blockchain cloud that provides a full-stack of tools and services from Kaleido, Amazon Web Services, and 3rd party solution providers, all offered as plug-and-play.

Boost your Blockchain with Pre-Integrated Kaleido Services

Turn on popular services such as HD wallets for privacy, ID registries for organizational identity, eth-connect for guaranteed delivery of transactions, and private ether pool for token economy use cases.

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Extend and Harden with Native AWS Integration Services

Tap into ready-made integrations with AWS services such as Amazon KMS for Key Management, Amazon CloudWatch for logs & monitoring, Amazon S3 for snapshot backups, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) for private networking, and more.

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Leverage Industry and Solution Accelerators

Enhance your solutions with trusted partner products such as Chainlink for smart contract oracles, Viant for supply chain management, OpenLaw and for real-time legal contracts, and many more.

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Blockchain Network

Ledger & Smart Contracts


Off-chain Stack

Decentralized Technologies



Apps & Middleware

Security and Compliance Built-in

Just as blockchain is built around trust and security, Kaleido is committed to maintaining the trust of our customers and the security of their data and applications in the cloud.

Enterprise Quality Comes Standard

With enterprise in its DNA, take advantage of modern cloud-scale architecture, always-up resiliency, elastic performance, and 24x7 support that your solution demands.

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