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Decentralization Explained Part 1: The Shocking Reason This Is All So Confusing

The shocking reason this is all so confusing I’ve been working in the enterprise blockchain space since its earliest days… Read More

Kaleido Blockchain Platform Achieves ISO 27001 Certification

Kaleido is the First SaaS Blockchain Platform to Achieve ISO Certification for Its Information Security Management System Phoenix,… Read More

How Chainlink Works Under The Covers

This article provides an insider’s view of how the different components of a Chainlink network fit together to… Read More

Announcing Microsoft Azure GA and New Azure Billing Options, Expanding Cloud Options for Production Users

In response to strong client interest and consortia adoption of Azure, Kaleido is excited to announce the General… Read More

10 Blockchain Innovations Running on Kaleido

The last decade was truly a time of exploration and innovation in blockchain.  This decade, blockchain… Read More

5 Examples of Blockchain Smart Contracts

The concept of smart contracts originated in 1994 when computer scientist Nick Szabo discussed how… Read More

Private transactions on blockchain with Hyperledger Besu and Orion

Kaleido provides full production support for Hyperledger Besu (GA on Kaleido announced in December 2019) … but it’s not just… Read More

Announcing General Availability and Production Support for Hyperledger Besu on Kaleido

Kaleido is pleased to announce the general availability of the Hyperledger Besu Protocol with an expanded… Read More

Submit your first private transaction on Hyperledger Besu using Orion

Getting started with Besu+Orion private transactions on Kaleido Maybe you’re working on your first Enterprise Ethereum blockchain project to require… Read More

Permissions & Privacy: Core Elements of an Enterprise Blockchain

One of the most appealing aspects of blockchain for business is the degree of data immutability and decentralization… Read More