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Just What the Doctor Ordered: A Blockchain-Based ePrescription Platform

Blockchain is proving its potential to create massive value and disruption in the healthcare industry by eliminating costly… Read More

Greenfence Consumer Uses Blockchain to Deliver Marketing Campaign Engagement Rates of 65 Percent

“Kaleido running on AWS supported and enabled us to offer a full package proposition created with the safety, security, trust,… Read More

Financial Services Leaders Share Real-World Blockchain Results at SIBOS

Blockchain-Based Financial Networks are Maturing and Seeing Real Benefits, Spanning across Domestic Remittance, Cross Border Payments, and Trade Finance Use… Read More

Enterprise Blockchain Protocols: A Technical Analysis of Ethereum vs Fabric vs Corda

In the past 18 months since the beginning of 2018, enterprise blockchain adoption has been progressing steadily. Companies and governments… Read More

WWF Impactio Project Puts Sustainability Projects & Donors on a Kaleido Blockchain Network

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) launched Impactio, a platform that enables funding for projects at scale using blockchain,… Read More

New Document Store Service Offers Private, Off-Chain Storage

In a blockchain project, the shared ledger is the beating heart of the solution. Data replicated automatically to all participants… Read More

Smart Contract Management Solution: How it works & why you need it

Kaleido provides enterprise-grade smart contract management as a native component on the Kaleido platform, an industry-first capability to empower organizations… Read More

Kaleido Is First Blockchain Platform to Offer Native Smart Contract Management

Kaleido solves key obstacle to enterprise blockchain adoption with launch of native smart contract management, and partnership with MythX OSAKA,… Read More

What are Smart Contracts and How Do they Work?

The first well known application of blockchain technology was Bitcoin, a peer-to-peer system custom-designed to make value transfer function without… Read More

Zero-Knowledge Proof Cryptography: A Gateway to Enterprise Blockchain Adoption

This post was written by Jonathan Rouach, QEDIT Co-founder and CEO   The transparent nature of blockchains… Read More