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[VIDEO] Kaleido Announces Support for Microsoft Azure at SXSW 2019

Watch the session “Enterprise Blockchain Springs Forward from the Crypto Winter” from the ConsenSys Blockchain House at SXSW 2019. The… Read More

Kaleido and Rhombus announce partnership to bring off-chain data feeds into enterprise blockchain networks

Kaleido, the first full-stack blockchain platform for enterprises, and Rhombus, a leading oracle provider, announced today that they are partnering… Read More

Kaleido Announces New Support for Microsoft Azure; Unveils Ability to Build Borderless Blockchains Across Clouds and Geographies

To address the needs of enterprise blockchain organizations, Kaleido’s Blockchain Business Cloud delivers another industry first, enabling clients to build… Read More

Public vs Private Blockchains: What You Need to Know

Blockchain has seen its popularity and relevance grow rapidly over recent years.  While it is most widely recognized as being… Read More

Kaleido and OpenLaw partner to automate legal agreements on enterprise blockchains

OpenLaw makes developing blockchain-based applications faster, and the service is now available on Kaleido’s Marketplace.  With OpenLaw, you… Read More joins the Kaleido blockchain marketplace

We are happy to announce that is now available as a service in… Read More

Going Beyond the Chain with Full-Stack Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain can be complex. There’s cryptography, consensus algorithms, protocols, smart contracts, identity, wallets, on and off chain data,… Read More

Kaleido and Clause partner making it easy to connect legal contracts to permissioned blockchains

When managed correctly, legal contracts can be your business’ biggest asset, but that management requires time… Read More

Kaleido’s New and Improved Public Ethereum Tether Service (with Demo)

We’re excited to share that we have released major enhancements to the Kaleido Public Ethereum… Read More

Kaleido partners with Chainlink to provide oracle services for Blockchain Business Cloud

Enterprise permissioned blockchains can be complex because they require external data from beyond the private chain. This is… Read More