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Why your keys are safe in Kaleido

At Kaleido, your security is key. That’s why we’ve integrated multiple measures to ensure your keys stay safe and secure. Read More

Kaleido and Nethereum

Recently, we’ve received questions about connecting to the Kaleido platform via Nethereum, an open source .NET integration library for… Read More

Consensys Venture Kaleido Invests in APAC in Collaboration with Amazon Web Services to Satisfy Surging Enterprise Demand for Blockchain

To meet surging demand for blockchain solutions among enterprises and governments in APAC, ConsenSys venture Kaleido unveils major investment and… Read More

Up and Running on Kaleido with Terraform

SaaS platforms’ primary motivations tend to focus on removing complexity and providing simplicity for clients as they drive their missions’… Read More

Kaleido meets MetaMask

Decentralized applications deployed on permissioned chains are as varied as the consortia that use them, but sometimes you just want… Read More

ConsenSys Unveils Kaleido in Collaboration with Amazon Web Services to Simplify Enterprise Blockchain Adoption

In bid to speed the pace of enterprise adoption, blockchain trailblazer ConsenSys collaborates with AWS to offer a new service,… Read More

Consensus Algorithms: PoA, IBFT or Raft?

The Kaleido platform offers three types of consensus algorithms between three blockchain protocols. With the Go-ethereum client it offers Proof-of-Authority,… Read More

The Collusion Conundrum

I’ll be honest. The very first time I heard of a permissioned blockchain network, I scratched my head. I fully… Read More

What makes Kaleido a platform?

Throughout the engineering on this project, we’ve thought of Kaleido as a Platform… but what makes it that? Fully-managed software… Read More